1. Celebrate New Life!

    Our Hot Cross Buns are spiced sweet rolls with raisins that are typically eaten hot or toasted on Good Friday with the cross standing as a symbol of the Crucifixion. We sell them in a pack of 9 and are available the entire season leading up to Easter!

  2. Hippity Hoppity

    So cute you won't even want to eat it! Well, that won't last long because how can you not eat that delicious vanilla cake with buttercream icing? Our Easter bunny treat cakes make the perfect centerpiece for Easter and the kids always light up when there is an edible Easter bunny!

  3. We need some Amazing Folks!

    Interested in a bakery career? We are starting to fill positions for 2017! So, if you are looking to pursue one with a long time Tulsa family come in and apply today!

  4. Macaron Day is Monday!

    French Macarons are the hottest thing, and your sweetie will love these delicious almond meringue cookies! Come try these delectable puffs of perfection that you won't want to miss...several flavors available so hurry in today!

  5. Tsoureki!

    Tsoureki, or Greek Easter Bread, is available only during the few weeks before Easter at Merritt's Bakery. Ours is a delicate white bread with coriander & golden raisins that you can enjoy at your Easter brunch. We also have traditional Jewish Challah as well as classic dinner rolls for your holiday meal!