1. King Cakes Just for You!

    Want that King Cake fix, but feel guilty eating a whole one yourself? Don't fret...Merritt's Bakery has you covered with Mini King Cakes for one! You can even keep the baby yourself.

  2. For All Your Loves...

    Whether for your kids, their class, or just for you we have the perfect cupcake for you! We have lots ready to go for you in any of the stores, so give us a call or just stop by. We even have them gluten-free by special request. Either way, we got you taken care of for Valentine's Day!

  3. We need some Amazing Folks!

    Interested in a bakery career? We are starting to fill positions for 2016! So, if you are looking to pursue one with a long time Tulsa family come in and apply today!

  4. King Cakes are Back!

    It is King Cake season from January 4th to February 9th! We have all your longed for flavors like classic Cinnamon, Cream Cheese, Blueberry, Pecan Praline or Strawberry. So, everyone can find their favorite decadent treat before Lent! Place your order today...

  5. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Tell that special someone your feelings with cake truffles from Merritt's! Our delicious truffles, or cake balls, are the perfect quick treat to express how you feel at Valentine's Day...