1. We need some Amazing Folks!

    Interested in a bakery career? We are starting to fill positions for Fall business! So, if you are looking to pursue one with a long time Tulsa family come in and apply today!

  2. Pretzel Brats!

    Special this month for Oktoberfest, you have got to try our Pretzel Bratz! A golden, German style pretzel dough wrapped around a great bratwurst sausage is the perfect quick bite for a chilly, October day. Hurry these won't last long at all...

  3. Hauntingly Good!

    Every ghoul and boy need Merritt's iced & decorated cookies for their Halloween party! We got new cute designs this year to treat even the most tricky one in your troop. Come by any day after school or order ahead, we always have some ready for you...

  4. Sticky Morning Indulgence!

    Are plain jane cinnamon rolls just not doin' it for ya? Up the ante with our ooey, gooey Sticky Buns! This decadent sweet roll is coated with pecans and sticky brown sugary goodness. You might need 2!

  5. Revive in Pastries

    Halloween brings out all kinds...for Pastries! Merritt's has your halloween cake designs for the creepy to the funny, but always tasty. Call ahead to place your holiday orders before the zombie hordes overwhelm you...